CURRENTLY CLOSED (Opens again in May 2021)

Gateway Stable Top

The National Park Gateway Stables is located at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park at the Fall River Entrance or North Entrance and just next to the Fall River's Visitors Center and Gateway Store. All rides go into Rocky Mountain National Park.

IMPORTANTNo park entrance pass or reservation for the national park is needed to ride. Rocky Mountain National Park is implementing a reservation system for entry into the park. People do not need to have a park pass to ride with us at the National Park Gateway stables, just an individual reservation is recommended to ride at the stable.

Rides Available at National Park Gateway Stables:

Your kids will have a blast with our pony rides. They will want to come back to ride again and again. It?s the perfect place to introduce your little ones to horseback riding and farm animals! Our ponies are well maintained, all rides are hand led, making the rides as safe and fun as possible. Appropriate ages for these rides are 2-7 years. Young children may need an adult or parent to walk alongside them. Stop in for a 10 minute or 30 minute ride. We do have a weight limit for our ponies, and any child over the age of 4 is able to ride by themselves 'in tow' behind the wrangler on our trails. (You must be UNDER 50 pounds to ride the ponies.)

  • 30 Minutes around nearby trails: $30
  • 10 Minutes around nearby trails: $20
  • Available daily from 8am to 4pm
  • No reservation needed

The 2 hour ride, follows the Fall River to the base of Deer Mountain and Aspen Glen area into Lil Horseshoe Park and Hidden Meadows.  Wildflowers dot the area, surrounded by the snow-capped Mummy Range.  This ride is great for all ages and safe for all levels.

  • 2-Hours through Little Horseshoe Park
  • Departs hourly 8am-4pm: $80
  • Call to reserve your ride: 970-586-5269

Our half day ride or 4 hour ride is a leisure paced, relaxing tour on horseback of Horseshoe Park to Endo Valley.  Crossing several streams, the Fall River, and viewing some of the after effects of the Lawn Lake Flood in 1982 and the 2013 floods. this gives you a view of the sheep lakes in Horseshoe Park and a close-up encounter of one of "Rocky's" most popular areas. This 4 hour ride is a good fit for school aged kids or above and good for any skill level.  Pack a snack or hike to the Alluvial Fan area during your 15-20 minute break in Endo Valley.

  • Half day (4 hours) to Endo Valley
  • Departs twice a day at 8am and 1pm: $120
  • Call to reserve your ride: 970-586-5269

Our 6 hour ride climbs to an elevation of around 10,000 feet to the summit of Deer Mountain providing a spectacular, breathtaking panaroma view of the Continental Divide and the Estes valley. Pack a lunch and enjoy it at the top.  This ride is good for middle school aged or above and people of any skill level. Being in good physical shape is recommended.

  • 6 Hour ride up Deer Mountain
  • Departs at 8am: $240
  • Call to reserve your ride: 970-586-5269