The Colorado summer job opportunity of wrangler/trail guide involves daily chores (graining/feeding hay, cleaning grounds, grooming, and saddling) of approximately 40-45 horses at our Cowpoke Corner Corral location and 55-65 horses at National Park Gateway Stables.

We believe our horses are the best in the area and we take great pride in their condition and appearance. Therefore, it is essential that you enjoy working around horses! This job offers a spectacular opportunity to spend a summer in the Rocky Mountains on horseback (up to 8 to 10 hours per day riding) meeting people (literally hundreds every day) of all walks of life from all over the United States and foreign countries as well. We are looking for dedicated, reliable, hardworking, friendly horse loving people who want to work outside giving guided horseback riding tours and who are willing to START and FINISH the summer with us.

We are happy to offer internships to anyone interested. We will work with your college in any field. After staff training and learning trails, you will guide groups of guests (up to seven per wrangler) on conducted tours of the area for a specific amount of time. 

Each wrangler is responsible for his/her own knowledge and may learn as much as he/she desires. You must be prepared to assist guests with their horses and tack, to answer questions about the area, to be attentive at all times, prompt, friendly, and fun. We care about each person who rides and expect our wranglers to convey this. 

We are open everyday, rain or shine, and the wranglers work from approximately 6:30 a.m. to approximately 6:30 p.m., under the direct supervision of a barn manager, 6 days a week, with 1 day off. We start earlier and work later according to reservations.

The wranglers share rustic bunk style quarters ( separate sleeping for guys and girls) and combine their cooking and kitchenskills together in a shared kitchen at each barn. Starting salary is based on how many weeks you are working and is individually adjusted according to the dates available, with living quarters and food allowance provided, plus you make tips. 

Salary is paid at the completion of summer contract. Wrangler gratuities vary according to each wrangler's customer skills and effectiveness in this job. TIPS CAN BE A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT. There are salary increases for each summer worked and management positions available for those interested. Wranglers are required to wear cowboy boots, jeans, western belt, western style shirt tucked in (shirt provided by SK Horses) and western style hat at all times. We are expected to look like cowboys.

If you are interested in this job or have questions please call Jessi at (970) 481-1535. To be considered for the job, fill out the application and also the required reference sheet needs to be completed.


Email or Mail Application Form and 3 References to:

Jessi Kokjohn
SK Horses, Ltd.
1044 Hwy. #2 
Farmington, IA 52626

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.